Vegan Flag Shop is a french vegan team. Oh la la !
The chick on this picture is a true recue chick named “Félicie”.

Vegan France Interpro association welcome you to The Vegan Flag Shop.  We specialise in international vegan flag accessories. Our team and shop is based in France near Paris and want to provide activism material. See here our official pictures.

About our association

Our association aims to promote and support the economic development of vegan companies and products. We need financial resources to implement our projects for vegan alternatives and animal rights. The profits made from our boutique help us to grow !

You can visit us on

Vegan France Interpro

100% of your purchases goes to our vegan association and animal sanctuary

Pondation de Felicie is a laying hen sanctuary, based near Paris, in France. This sanctuary needs money to finance the construction of shelters and enclosures as well as the maintenance of the space to shelter animals. This association offers refuge to the hens and avoids the slaughterhouse for them.

Have courage, be kind and go vegan for the animals !

We thank you for your visit and your orders. Feel free to share your pictures on our Facebook or Instagram page!

Whatever your requirements, we hope you find something you like at The Vegan Flag Shop. Thank you for visiting, and please do come again.

The Vegan Flag Shop team 🙂